Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cupcake Bear

So this weekend, we ran around the DC metro area to do a few errands. One...we stopped at Jared's Galleria of Jewelry...because hubby went to Jareds!!!

We have to go every 6 months for my engagement and wedding bands to be inspected and cleaned, to keep our warranty! Well, as a wedding gift, my hubby gave me a Pandora charm bracelet. The Pandora company refers to their charms as memories...and so do I. I love this bracelet. Each memory on it has been given to me by my hubby and represents a special time or event. While we were at Jareds, my hubby added a new memory to my bracelet! Since our baby girl has a nursery and it is all in CUPCAKES!!! I got the silver/gold cupcake charm. It is so sweet. Last month he surprised me with the baby carriage charm to add to my bracelet to represent our little girl that is still cooking in the "oven".

Anyway, after Jareds, we HAD to have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory!!!! Yum!
Then we headed over to a local mall. While in the mall, we found a build-a-bear workshop! These are so great for kids! The hubby and I decided we wanted to build a special bear for our little girl. This will be her first stuffed furry friend, and we were giddy like kids making it for her.

We chose our furry friend. The Happy Hugs Teddy. We then took her over to get all her stuffing added. Then, we each held a satin heart in our hands, warmed it up, added smarts, love, humor, a wish and kissed it to seal it all in. We placed our 2 hearts inside of the bear and waited for her to be sewn closed. We washed her, picked out an outfit, dressed her up, and named her just for our little girl. And of course, we named her.....Cupcake! It was a fun afternoon, and I can't wait for our little girl to play and love on her Cupcake bear, made just for her from mommy and daddy.

After she got all her stuffing!

Getting washed and primped!

Getting dressed!

Looking beautiful!

Ready to go home and wait for the baby girl!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



We are the Fabulous Frail Family. This is a little blog for us to keep in touch with our family and friends. Married last October, we are expanding our fabulous family with Baby Girl Frail due this November!

I initially started this blog months ago intending to use it for fun, and now we have a wonderful reason to keep it updated with pictures and memories to be made.

About Baby Girl Frail....she is presently baking in the "oven" at almost 28 weeks. Below you will find some of the pictures we have taken over those weeks.

First ultrasound - 7 weeks along - baby blob

Ultrasound - 11 weeks along - baby alien

Ultrasound - 20 weeks along - it's a baby!!

Baby's face in 4-D

It's a GIRL!!!!

17 weeks baby belly

20 weeks baby belly

23 weeks baby belly

26 weeks baby belly

I suppose I am one of those pregnant women, that other pregnant women hate. I have been so fortunate throughout this pregnancy not to have any illness at all. That's morning sickness!!! I've been blessed with good health so far along this journey. Now that we are in the 3rd trimester, I'm hoping my good fortune continues, seeing as the dead of August and a drought are bringing on some intense heat flashes, not to mention the combination with heartburn!!!

Soon, I'll post pictures of the baby's nursery!

Until next time...