Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Baby Shower in July

In late July we took a trip across the state so I could attend a brain injury rehabilitation conference, and since we were half way across we drove another 3 hours south in the state and visited with Glenn's family. While we were in town his sister and mother planned a baby shower for us! It was great for Glenn because we got to see a ton of his family he hasn't seen in years. As for me, I got to meet everyone finally. Glenn's sister always out does herself with her crafty ideas.

Here we are at the shower

Isn't this adorable?! It's a watermelon fruit bowl cut to look like a baby carriage! Cherie you're so creative!

Our GIGANTIC and super yummy cake!

There are sooooo many pictures of both baby showers we have had. I cannot possibly load them all on here. Next week my workplace is planning to host another shower for me! I hope to have some pics from that one as well!

Is this little girl spoiled or what?!?!?! And...we are so loved!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Shower!!!

So we were extremely lucky to have been given TWO baby showers this summer! The first one Glenn's sister and mother put on for us while we were visiting "down south" in late July. (I will post some of those pics soon)

Then we had our large shower with more family and lots of friends! My dear wonderful "big sister" Tiffany hosted this gathering for us late August. I was 30 weeks pregnant at the shower. It was wonderful because I was still able to go through all the wonderful gifts and get everything in order for little baby girl Frail.

This is probably one of the only good photos taken of me at the shower.

This was our cupcake cake for our little cupcake on the way!

Tiffany set up a pink and white candy buffet for the guests to enjoy!

Wow would you look at that gift table!!!

We had to get the guys in on all of the fun! They each had a 4 ounce baby bottle with their selected beer of choice. They were challenged to see who could suck it all down first!

Poor Daddy was a sloppy baby....hope baby girl doesn't take after him when eating!

After a wonderful day with so many good friends and fun, Daddy had to relax...with the baby's new teddy bear.....think it will fit in the nursery?!?!

We haven't named the bear yet. She wears a pink and white scarf, so I think it should be a 'she'....any name suggestions for the bear???

What fun we've had getting ready for the little girl. Only about 6 weeks left!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Sorry for the long delay...this 3rd trimester should be named the Sandman trimester....WOW!!! Am I tired...all the time!!!

Here was the belly at 30 weeks!

We went for our 33 week appointment today. It looks like our little girl is doing just fine! Her heartbeat today was 155 bpm (beats per minute) which is nice and strong! The nurse midwife palpated my belly and said our little girl is head down! We still have 7 weeks to go, so she could turn around, but most likely she will stay put.

Last weekend we had a fun filled 8 hour day of birth education class, infant CPR, and breastfeeding. The next day we took a tour of the birthing center at the hospital. It was a LONG weekend...that went by too quickly!

As we talked, learned, and watched information about the birth....I really didn't like the vaginal option, and I didn't like the cesarean I am still contemplating about how this little girl is going to be born...

Laugh if you must...

Anyway, we seem to have everything in order here at the homestead. Next shower pictures. Then perhaps I'll reveal our "sweet" nursery pics!

Take Care,